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Curbing Shapes

We offer a wide selection of curbing designs for you to choose from. Whether you want your curb edging to be strictly decorative or designed for a specific purpose, you won’t be disappointed by our selection. Our wide array of curbing shapes includes:

If you’re not sure which shape is best for your project, our consultants are always available to provide professional recommendations. Call us today!

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Curbing Stamp Colors & Patterns

Choose the best pattern and color to match and accent your home or business. We offer a huge selection of curbing stamp patterns and colors and can even make custom tiles. Our selection includes:

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Built to Last 

Our concrete edging is built to last. When you pick the curbing design, we mix concrete into the color to prevent peeling and chipping. We also may use additional sealers or hardeners to prevent discoloration and fading. 

Caring for Your Curbing After 

We back all curb edging services with a protective one-year warranty. After we’ve installed the concrete curbing, it’s important to keep the border looking tidy. To get the most out of your curbing, keep the following tips in mind post-installation:

  1. Give the curb at least 24 hours to harden completely to avoid damage. It may take up to several days. 
  2. Don’t spray or mist your curbing. 
  3. Alert your landscapers about your concrete curbing and how to protect it. Don’t allow tractors or trucks to go over the curb. 
  4. If it rains within six hours of job completion, cover the curb with plastic or a tarp. 
  5. Efflorescence, a white powder substance from sprinklers or rain, can get on your curbing. Once your curb dries, lightly brush a 50/50 vinegar-and-water solution onto the curb. It may take a few tries to go away. 
  6. Colored curbing may look splotchy. Since the mix needs to cure, the discoloration is temporary. 
  7. We offer a one-year warranty against material defects and workmanship. We’ll replace it at no charge if defects are caused by our materials or installation methods.
  8. In the event that your curbing does become damaged, we offer repairs. 
  9. We prevent cracking by using expansion joints. If you experience a crack outside of the joint post-installation, we will replace it at no additional charge during the warranty.

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